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Rachel would make an outstanding model!

by Jodi Bisordi Shaw

CNY 2011

CNY 2011

CNY 2011 Ready for Ballet Peek-a-boo Orange Background

Rachel made our family complete in Sept of 2008. She was 9 months old then. From the moment we held her for the first time, we knew she was something special.
Now, she is a vibrant, happy, energetic 3 year old who loves to laugh. From the moment we brought her home, people have been drawn to her. We are always stopped wherever we go by people who tell us we should get her into modeling and performing.
Her laugh is infectious, her personality is endless. She loves to make up stories and act out all the characters. She also likes to make up songs and sings them to anyone that will listen! She seems destined for the stage (when not performing brain surgery, of course!) and we encourage her every desire.
She learns incredibly fast, and likes to memorize movies,songs, TV shows & commercials! We are amazed whenever we are sitting around and find her repeating word for word the entire dialogue from Frosty the Snowman, or an episode of Dora the Explorer!
Rachel is very new to the modeling world. As of now, she has never modeled professionally, but seems excited at the prospect of "having a job getting her picture taken".

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